20 thoughts on “Wednesday May 9”

    1. pathetic attempt at the gym today (by me, not any of you!). sorry to all who had to hear my strict pull up tantrum.

      2 x 6lbs
      1 x 5lbs
      2 x BW

  1. Sooo do we have to be a professional cameraman…with an actual camera? Or will Iphone videos and some bad ass Imovie editing suffice?

  2. A) 25lbsx3x2 followed by 10, 6
    35lbsx3x1 followed by 12
    B) 7 rounds + 7 dips

    Last workout at C3 till August. It’s been a pleasure ladies and gents. Gonna miss the box.

    Keep getting after it!

  3. 270 Clean from Ground PR at CF Atlanta (I have infiltrated the enemies camp)
    255 Clean and Jerk PR
    a bunch of snatch work

  4. A) 2 Strict-8, 1 Strict-6, 1 Strict-7
    B) 6 Rds + 1 RD (did 1 rd normal, then turned my ankle, stopped, and modified with situps for boxjumps) The ankle is a pretty nice size this evening:)

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