12 thoughts on “Wednesday January 6”

  1. A) 90
    B1) 115
    B2) 6,7,5,6,6
    C) yea, that sucked (barely finished AD cals most rounds plus still couldn’t get a double under!)

  2. A) 200#; all rope climbs leg less
    B) 225#; 10 25# ring dips per round
    C) DUs are killing me! But I’m going to get them back before the CF South Competetion!

  3. A. 85#
    (rope climb w/ feet on box)
    B1. 105#
    B2. 6 reps of dips each round
    (not rings, the other thing – not sure what it is called, with blue band)
    C. tried my best…but no points earned
    (30 sec of trying DUs & 6-8 cals on AirDyne each round)

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