13 thoughts on “Wednesday February 27”

  1. A) Did yesterday’s strength move:
    3 push presses + 2 power jerks (no split jerk) for 55#
    Could push press 57, but failed on the jerk b/c I am still
    afraid to jump under that wgt.
    C) 5 rnds of 10 ring rows + 10 TTR
    D/ 5 rnds of 10 kb swings (36#) + 5 burpees


  2. A) 155
    B) 165 C&J 225 Clean(kept cleaning after failing on the jerk)
    C) 5 sets of 10 TTB broken up by alternating sets of 10 RD (30 total) and 10 CTB (20 total)
    D) 135#
    C+D) 25:30

  3. A. 90 in full squat (5 better than last week)
    95 power snatch (5 better than last week)
    Got 100# overhead, but with a press-out..argh.
    B. 130. I failed at this weight on 2/19. I could have done more today, but stopped due to back pain. Still bothering me so it’s good that I stopped.
    C. Subbed CTB (green + tiny purple band) for MU (1:1). Subbed TTR for TTB. (toes “towards” rings)
    D. 95# hang cleans for r1-2. Dropped to 75# for r3-5 due to back pain.
    Time for C+D: 23:??

  4. A: 165
    B: 220
    C&D: who knows. Tweaked a shoulder on MU#5 and didn’t make a single one after that. Hang cleans didn’t help, so I did some full cleans and some extra burpees for good measure.

  5. A. 185
    B. 235- wish we had more time than 10 min. now a days
    C and D. Wasn’t paying attention to time after I ripped my hand open and limped to the finish line

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