18 thoughts on “Wednesday February 20”

  1. A) just did heavy cleans up to 160
    B) filthy fifty. Took me about 28 min of slacking but I did a ton of extra knees to something. Next time Jen is doing it with me for girl support 🙂

  2. A: 90 power snatch, 85 squat snatch. (no press-out on either of these. The press-out was on 95#, which I did not count).
    B. 135 power clean, 130 squat clean. Failed at 140.
    C+D: 26:something. Burpee lateral BJ’s (6 or 8″ box?), blue+tiny purple bands for CTB, subbed strongman situps (25#) for get-ups 50 DU’s.

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