We are now offering certified nutrition counseling!

We are pleased to announce that Georgia Strength now offers custom-tailored nutritional counseling. Ali has completed her Precision Nutrition counselor certification and Brent has begun studying for his. We are eager to help anyone who wants to improve their nutrition habits, no matter what your goals. Nutrition calibration is just as important as your gym habits in getting you to your body composition goals. Whether you are looking to learn how to make better choices to slim down, striving to maximize performance and/or muscle gain, or just develop healthier eating habits for longevity and well-being, we can help you get on track!

This is a science-based program designed for each individual based on their precise nutrition requirements. We will determine your requisite calorie and macro nutrient needs based on your initial assessment and will constantly monitor and adjust as you begin your new regimen. This is NOT a diet; it is not aimed at shedding several pounds quickly. We are initiating a healthy lifestyle that will become more and more successful the longer and the more closely you adhere to it. Our programs are designed for those committed to the process and motivated to effect healthy change in their lives. Pricing is $100 per on a month to month basis, which includes your initial evaluation and program design, and subsequent follow up sessions offered on a bi-weekly basis in a face-to-face meeting or via video chat. We will constantly monitor your progress and ensure you adjust as necessary to continue to meet your goals, even if they change. This is an investment in your health, designed to provide you with the guidance, accountability, and knowledge that will last a lifetime. Contact Ali for further details!


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