9 thoughts on “Tuesday November 18”

  1. Mix of yesterday and today:
    A. (Push press + push jerk) up to 100
    B. FS from yesterday- 105
    C. 5 rnds from yesterday- 8:58
    53#kb 10#ghsu 24″BJ

  2. A. 215 (sort of, slightest bit of rebend on the push press), 205 for sure
    B. 120×10, 130×3
    C1. 205
    C2. 7,6,6,5,5 with 10lbs
    D. 64 cals
    E. 50 DUs for time, peer pressured by Shanta and Nagesh. Then calf cramps and hobbling the car. Yay.

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