Tuesday January 1


I hope everyone had a great break and is ready to get back into it. I need everyone to post 5 goals for 2013 to today’s comments. These can and should be diverse, ie strength goals, skills you would like to acquire or improve, benchmark CrossFit goals, etc. I would also like at least one lifestyle goal as well.

12 thoughts on “Tuesday January 1”

  1. My gym goal for 2013..and I only have one…and it is a lifestyle goal… I WILL GO TO THE GYM THREE TIMES A WEEK…even if it kills me…down…dead (Brent…fyi…Lord and Stephens East is my funeral home of choice!)

  2. Wow! It’s been a fast year. I was looking over my goals for 2012 and was greatly pleased that I achieved all of them and then some….well, except for being less impulsive; I need to work on that. Here’s to a productive 2013!

    1) 7 or more linked MU’s
    2) bodyweight snatch
    3) DL 300
    4) perfect jerk form and hit 160+ consistently.

  3. I’m gonna rough draft this:
    1) Drink less! This counts as a gym goal bc it very much effects my performance
    2) make it to regionals
    3) lots more mobility
    4) 150# bench
    5) much improved Olympic lifts

  4. Goals for 2013:

    1. Make it to the gym regularly…at minimum 3x per week but hopefully more!
    2. Be able to do pull-ups with no band.
    3. Be able to do “real” HSPU’s.
    4. Improve flexibility (duh!).
    5. Eliminate sugar (at least in the form of desserts) from my diet. This may be the hardest one to achieve!

  5. Train Smart! This year I intend to match my training more correctly with my capacity as a graduate student who doesn’t get enough sleep.

    Lifting Goals:

    400 lb HBBS
    450 lb DL
    300 lb Bench
    205 lb Press
    275 Clean & Jerk
    200 lb Snatch

    Focus on Mobility! and get my metcon way up again

  6. Strength Goals
    1. OHS 275 lbs
    2. Squat 450 lbs
    3. Clean 300 lbs
    4. C & J 250 lbs
    5. Snatch 225 lbs

    Other Goals
    1. Sub 3 minute Fran
    2. Be able to do double-unders consistently
    3. Increase shoulder flexibility
    4. Learn butterfly pull ups
    5. Stretch more

  7. Brent, it has been a great last 4 months, appreciate the new gym you have provided for us to train in.

    1. Increase flexibility
    2. be able to do at least 20 MU in a workout
    3. be able to do a HSPU, then at least 10 unbroken
    4. be able to do the Rx weights and reps consistently for the workouts
    5. 300 lb max bench

    6. Beat Brent in a workout

  8. 1. 325 squat
    2. 400 DL
    3. 175 snatch
    4. focus, stretch, rest, and buy more gold
    5. increase muscle endurance and learn to count

  9. Strength Goals
    240 Bench
    370 Squat
    400 DL
    200 Snatch

    Other Goals
    6-7 UB MU
    50 UB DU
    20 Strict PU

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