16 thoughts on “Tuesday February 28”

  1. Block cleans – 1 on the minute for 10 min at 255
    Back squat up to 315 for 3
    Then 3 sets of 20 GHSU + 20 AirDyne cals, rest 1 min

  2. A) 80 bad bad bad
    B) 78 cals @ 70# – felt like my first CF metcon ever…thought I wouldn’t live to see tomorrow…dang AirDyne

  3. A: 120?
    B: 94 @ 95

    Snatches weren’t good, and I was sure I was going to puke on round 4 and the demonbike was going to blow it right back at me then laugh mercilessly over me as I convulsed and sobbed.

    Got my crap day out of the way for this week. I’m ready for 12.2.

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