19 thoughts on “Tuesday April 10”

  1. A. 159 from floor (PR)
    B. 183 x 6
    C. 1:46, 1:58, 2:01

    183 is not a PR, although I thought it was. NOV2010 I did 225×3. =( one day.

  2. a) Clean (medium blocks) 225lbs Long-awaited PR! trying to catch up to the rest of yall big dawgs!

    b) 275lbs x 9

    c) 1:37, 1:44, 2:01 ran out of steam last set

    GOOD ENERGY IN THE GYM TODAY! Mustve been the Phil Collins…just wait til the drum solo to lift!

  3. A) 185
    B) 180(On accident. Forgot to take the 5lbs on the left side off)x7
    C) 1:42 1:49 1:47
    And I agree with Andrew. The Phil Colins and all those “Sweet Emotion”s in the gym were good today.

  4. Full Snatches up to 125, OHS Practice, Jerk Practice up to 215
    Hang Power Cleans doubles up to 225, Front Squat triples up to 245, Single up to 285

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