To get started, you have two options:

1) ON-RAMP Program. This is highly encouraged for any and all athletes who aren’t performing unscaled workouts every day. Whether you are brand new to CF or have some experience, we will begin with a one-month on-ramp to get you up to speed before we begin introducing you to the increased volume and intensity that our long time members are accustomed to. This gives you the opportunity to learn all of the exercises at your own pace before taking part in regular classes in which your program ramps up as you begin to acclimate to the training. You will learn all the movements involved in CrossFit and the best progressions for each during your one-on-one time with our expert coaches. We will make sure you understand all the movements and the CF philosophy before joining regular classes in your second month. There is a lot to learn, and having the time to repeat each movement until you get it right without worrying about the faster pace of the regular classes has been proven as the best means of ensuring optimal progress at YOUR ideal pace.

2) TEST-OUT. If you have been doing CF for a year or more and have a firm grasp on all the movements, we will allow you to test out of the on-ramp program. This is simply because different gyms have different styles, programs, coaching, and expectations, so not all athletes come in with the proficiency that’s expected from someone who has been training for over a year. If you display proficiency in the olympic lifts, gymnastics, and general CF knowledge, we will gladly forgo the on-ramp program so you can jump into regular classes immediately.

If you aren’t sure if our program is right for you, just ask to try a free intro and we will show you how our customized training will help you build strength and burn fat as fast as possible! To sign up for an intro, click here, create your account, sign the waiver, then add your name to one of the free intro classes on Tuesday or Thursday at 5:30 pm.

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