Our “Moms Who Move” class is a safe, effective exercise program appropriate for all women (especially moms and soon to be moms) no matter your age, current fitness level, or past experience. Alexis Ericksen, co owner of Georgia Strength and owner of Ericksen PND, recognized the need for an exercise program in Athens designed specifically for pregnant and postpartum women while she was pregnant with her daughter. Alexis has her Masters in exercise science from UGA, is certified in pregnancy and postpartum athleticism, and has been training clients with special needs since 2010. The “Moms Who Move” philosophy revolves around the importance of rehabilitation and fitness during pregnancy and postpartum. There is an emphasis on pelvic floor and core training (to help prevent or heal pelvic floor dysfunctions that naturally occur with childbirth), as well as general strength and conditioning. You will learn and execute safe, effective movement patterns that will help prepare you for childbirth, and you will rehabilitate, restore, and return to full function once you are postpartum. You will be surrounded by like-minded women who are committed to making health a priority, and most importantly, you will have a blast while getting a great workout!  For more info, check out Ali’s site!

You may not be able to tell, but coach Ali was 40 weeks pregnant in this pic!

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