Thursday July 26

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9 thoughts on “Thursday July 26”

  1. 3 mile run with Amy and Becky (anyone looking to join up can meet us at Jittery Joes in 5 Pts at 7am on Thursdays)
    And for the record, I wrapped my elbows yesterday. When I went to get a wrap, several were unrolled. I grabbed one, used it, and rolled it back up!! So, I dont know whatchu talkin bout, Willis.

    1. It just occurred to me that Corynne was also spotted using said wraps yesterday, so you two can duke it out over those burpees.

      1. Whoa now, I didn’t wrap anything yesterday! But I’ll split the burpees since obviously jen is innocent in this too.

  2. 4 mile “recovery” run at botanical garden turned into a sprint through the forest trying to keep up w Jamie who left me in her dust. We did see Bambi up close and personal, whom I really wanted to tackle and eat…

  3. Went to Crossfit D-town today in Dalton

    20 min of working on split snatch, worked up to 155 and felt pretty good.

    50 double unders
    Followed immediately by 3 rounds of
    20 hang power cleans (115)
    20 Squat jumps (exactly what it sounds like)
    20 KB swings (53)
    Followed by 50 more DU
    16:30, DUs were rough today

  4. Power Clean and Jerks at 245
    Close Grip Bench Press 5 x 5 @ 180
    3×10 Slow/Strict Ring Dips
    7 minute AMRAP
    8 C2B + 12 American KB Swings w/ 70# + 25 D.U

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