Saturday May 26

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14 thoughts on “Saturday May 26”

  1. 282 with TEN no-reps WB! =(

    It goes up…and straight down…so it’s more like Balls and not WallBalls…yep…i said it.

  2. A) rack jerks to 185, elbows bothering me so dropped down to 135 and worked on footwork

    B) 20 rep lowbar backsquat at 215

    C) 5 Rounds
    12 pullups (butterfly until miss then kip)
    15 Weighted GHD situps 10#plate

  3. FGB (sort of)
    Sub air squats for wall balls (low ceiling), sub burpees for box jumps, sub bike (not airdyne) for row. 🙂

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