Saturday February 3

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5 thoughts on “Saturday February 3”

  1. If I can get home and get in bed after work at a decent time I am gonna try and come in and best my number now that I know how the weight feels and have some confidence… I can squeze in wherever you can fit me

  2. 12.2 69 reps
    A little disappointed, paced too much in the first 40 reps. Looking back, should have done at least a few doubles/triples at 135. Would’ve given me a lot more time to hit 165.

    Part 2
    15 double-KB clean+thrusters (2 x 53 lb KB)
    10 L PU
    12 DKCT
    10 LPU
    9 DKCT
    10 LPU
    6 DKCT
    10 LPU
    3 DKCT
    10 LPU


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