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As we close another year in books, we’d love to hear from each of you as to how your year of training stacked up to your expectations. Hopefully most of you who didn’t post 2015 goals last January had them written down somewhere, so that you can look at how far you’ve come and be proud of your improvements. Please take a minute to post some of your most fulfilling fitness achievements from this year, and write down a handful that you would like to strive for in 2016. Feel free to include any and everything that you want to make happen: strength benchmarks, CF wod times you want to break, gymnastics skills you want to conquer, nutrition/lifestyle goals you want to be accountable for, etc. Be ambitious but be realistic.

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  1. I have now spent a full 18 months at Georgia Strength, and all I can say is WOW! I never would have imagined I would have broken so many PRs and reached this (modest) level of fitness. Hats off to all the amazing coaches including Brent, Ali, Bobby, Tyler, Tatum, and everyone else who has offered encouragement.

    Some 2015 accomplishments:
    1. First ring and bar muscle ups
    2. First squat above 400lbs
    3. Every oly lift PR, particularly in cleans, rising from 175 to 275 within 7 months.
    4. DU mastery, from 10 DU pr to well, beyond 50+
    5. Reached my personal weight goal of 180 in the spring 2015, having lost 70 lbs to stop being morbidly obese.

    For 2016,

    I would like to hit a 300lb clean, (would be a current +35 pr)
    do 10 unbroken muscle ups (current is seven)
    front squat 330 (+15 Pr)
    Unbroken HSPU 20 (+5 pr)
    +15 backsquat for 425
    70+ GHSU 3 minute test(+6 pr)

    and generally not be as much of a pansy when it comes to conditioning. MORE cals. FASTER 400s.

  2. First off thanks for a great year!! So glad I have a place like this to blow off the stress of school and get fit while doing it!

    2015 accomplishments
    1. Body weight snatch
    2. broke 200 on back squat
    3. got over my mental game of wallballs and can now use the 20 šŸ™‚
    4. finally strung more than 2 MU together
    5. competed in an Olympic Lifting meet

    2016 goals
    1. hit 135 snatch (PR+10)
    2. 165 Clean and Jerk (PR+10)
    3. 190 front squat (PR +15)
    4. string together 7 MU (PR+3)
    5. break 300 on Fight Gone Bad (PR+15)
    6. tackle Karabel (just do better than last time 20+ min is too long)

  3. 2016 Goals
    1. Start logging workouts
    2. 15+ unbroken muscle ups
    3. C&J 315 / Snatch 250+
    4. 3:30 – 4:30 min range for Diane, Amanda, & Fran (not at the same time obviously) This would be a big improvement in my gymnastics
    5. Spend more time on warmup and mobility

  4. These past 4 months at Georgia Strength has been life changing for me. I have jumped into CrossFit with enthusiasm and been rewarded with so many results. I still have a long way to go but I have to say I’m so happy with how far I’ve come in such a short time.
    2016 goals:
    -start logging workouts
    -work on the diet portion of all this
    -figure out double unders
    -finally get some unassisted pull ups so I can start working on rope climbs and eventually muscle ups
    -mobilize more
    -hit PRs in pretty much anything
    -always show up, work as hard as possible, and stop complaining
    -get my freaking elbows up in cleans! (I’m working on the whole locking out thing guys!)

  5. I am so thankful for this past year at the gym and the incredible coaching that’s helped push me every step of the way. When I started crossfit I was scared of big weights and just wanted to work out to “be skinny.” Well, I can now say I am officially over my fear of big girl weights. I’ve learned so much about pushing myself physically and mentally, and that big weights aren’t actually scary šŸ™‚

    2015 Goals:
    – Squatted more than 200 pounds
    – Strung DUs together
    – Hit a 165 clean (15lb pr)

    2016 Goals:
    – HSPUs without bands for more than a few
    – a REAL muscle up
    – string together rx amount of DUs

  6. 2015 Accomplishments:
    On smaller bands for HSPU, dips and strict PU
    Better form and more consistent with snatches and cleans
    PR clean at 175
    PR snatch at 115
    Kipping PU are more consistent
    No longer have an irrational fear of box jump overs
    No longer have an irrational fear of jumping to the pull up bar (yes really)
    Improved my overhead mobility
    Improved kipping on T2B
    Rope climb using proper form & can go proper height for more than just 1

    2016 Goals/Current
    I have a lot of things I want to work on, but it will always be that way & I love having goals for the year!

    1 HSPU/Blue band
    1 Ring dip/Red band
    1 pistol/pistol to box
    1 strict pull up/blue band
    Successfully do a single arm dumbbell OHS/can only go halfway down
    125# snatch/115
    Break the cursed 200# FS/195 for months! Ahh
    265# back squat/245
    165# jerk/150
    250+ on fight gone bad/241
    100# strict press/90 last time I checked
    15 consecutive push ups/7
    200# clean (or Brent will take personal offense to this so I have been told :D)/175
    150# OHS/140
    10 Pull ups/6
    Better toes to bar!

    Mobilize my overhead position more (it has come a long way last year already)

    1. Thank you guys for an amazing year!! After being allowed to lift wrong at said other gym, it was a huge challenge for me mentally and physvis to relearn form, but you guys were patient and consistent and I’m finally getting better. Cannot thank you guys enough!

  7. New guy around the block but living the GA strength dream baby.

    2015 accomplishments
    Starting hitting heavy lifts more consistently (200#+ snatches 275#+ cleans)
    Better gymnastic movement (cleaner/smoother HSPU, T2B,MU)
    Increased strength in squat and press

    2016 goals
    Focus on 2017 open and aspirations of serious competitive athlete
    Build engine (more running/rowing)
    275# snatch (30# increase)
    330# clean
    Increased mobility for less dependency on OLY lifters
    Trim to 195# so gymnastics suck less
    Register classes

  8. I’m a little late here, but what an awesome year! One thing that is absolutely awesome about this gym is all the new faces. With this being a college town, unfortunately younger members graduate and move on to pursue careers or additional schooling elsewhere. However, this also means that lots of new faces come in and find their home here. I’m looking forward to 2016 as the gym continues to grow and solidify its place as an awesome part of the Athens community.

    Personally, I met a lot of new goals since 2015.

    – 240 Snatch (205 last Jan.)
    – 315 Clean ( 285 last Jan.)
    – Became USAW Sport Coach Certified
    – Began coaching at GS.
    – Finished 662nd in the region in the 2015 open (from 2291st in 2014)
    – Qualified for Wodapalooza 2016

    Moving forward to 2016, my main goal isn’t as much performance based as it is grounded in our members. This year my goal is to become a better coach and friend for every person that steps in the door. I take pride in this gym, and I’d love nothing more than to represent it in the best way I can. That being said, good luck to everybody as we take on 2016 together. I read some big milestones from you guys that are going to be hunted down soon. Let’s get after it!

  9. Same with being late… my bad. I was gallivanting around the East Coast.

    Accomplishments (in less than 5 months, mind you)
    1. Broke that pesky 200# snatch barrier
    2. Back squat up 20 pounds to 350
    3. Rhythm for kipping feels MUCH better

    1. 400# back squat (this one is a little ambitious)
    2. 300# C&J (at 275 right now)
    3. Non false grip MU’s

    Can’t wait to get back into it…

  10. So I see I’m really behind on this but I would like to say thank you to everyone at Georgia Strength for being so welcoming these past 5 months.
    Now for goals that I would like to achieve in 2016:
    1. 245# snatch (25# PR)
    2. 300# C&J (35# PR)
    3. 15 unbroken MU (6 rep PR)
    4. Increase all squats. (375 BS, 330 FS, 300 OHS)
    5. Increase all presses

    Now I can’t wait to be back and attain these goals.
    Thanks everyone!

  11. I’m also a bit late to this but I can’t thank this place enough for great coaching and a great group of people to help me get better! I’ve done crossfit for two summers, and 2016 will be my first continuous year doing it, so I’m really excited for what this year can bring.
    2015 Accomplishments:
    -Snatch from 90 to 110
    -Clean from 140 to 165
    -Jerk from 135 to 155
    -strung together pull ups, double unders, and able to do kipping hspu
    -improved shoulder mobility
    2016 Goals:
    -spend 20/30 min each week just on mobility
    -snatch 125
    -clean and jerk 165
    -Fran < 4 min (current 4:33)
    -get an unassisted muscle up
    -improve handstand push ups and work towards handstand walk

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