18 thoughts on “Monday May 21”

  1. Woo first workout in weeks, Found a squat rack in a kickboxing gym hidden in the slums of Marrakech. It was everything you would expect.
    Hang Power Clean triples up to 225
    Back Squat Triples up to 315
    Press 3 X 5 at 130
    HSPU 3 X 8
    Lots of Pull Ups

  2. Tweaked thumb Saturday, so no snatches, cleans or jerks for a couple days. Tested out a couple things to see what I could do…
    Back squats felt terrible and heavy, after hi-rep Saturday and wakeboarding Sunday
    Moved on to DLs, worked up to 415 and a near miss at 435
    Can’t help but think I would have had it if i hadn’t squatted first
    Then 35, 25, 20 UB OH GHSU w 15 lb followed by 1K row

  3. A. 35#x3
    B. 10 min AMRAP
    5 HSPU
    10 CTB
    15 abmat situps
    5+1 HSPU
    Last 4 pus were ring rows. Tore my hand
    My CTBs need work.

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