20 thoughts on “Monday March 19”

  1. I (Caitlin) am now CStarr, because KStarr (mobility WOD) is my husband.

    Great work 5am crew!! Full house! I love it!

    Sorry about the clock malfunction. Brent: I am gonna need some clock training =) Generally everyone was between 9:30 and 15:00 though.

    FYI- The key to super-spunk at 5am is to listen to “Mr. Wendell” on the way to the gym. If you know all of the words, it is a pure jamfest.

    Have a great day!

    1. The early morning crew left a lot of mud in our freshly cleaned gym today. I need everyone to please check your shoes before you come in the gym, ESPECIALLY if it has recently rained. The burpee monster will be collecting next time he sees you ;oD

      1. We were setting you up for a C3 Tough Mudder. Can’t handle the challenge?! =)

        Noted burping monster…or burpee…you do both. 5am Ninjas will work on their stealth.

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