Monday June 9

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6 thoughts on “Monday June 9”

  1. a) up to 135
    b) up 5# each minute- made it to 100 X 4 (barely missed 5) – doh!
    c) yes
    d) 53#KBs- Unbroken- 1:24 rest 1 minute or so WBs-broken
    Total time 4:54

  2. A) 160
    B) up to 110 on the 7th set. Got 115×4 then backed down to 85 for one set
    C) check
    D) 5:12 53# 14# never put the ball down but they def were not UB

  3. Crossfit Stapleton (Denver):

    A: 3 position power snatch complex: floor, knee and hip for 20 mins:
    Up to 105

    B: 10 mins AMRAP: 2 wall walks, 8 box jumps, 200m row
    (4rds + 169m)

  4. A.) Up to 185lbs for the last 3 sets
    B.) Jumped to high and went back down and finished at 125
    C.) Finished all 3 rounds
    D.) 53lbs on UB KBS 20lbs on wall balls time was 4:52

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