12 thoughts on “Monday July 2”

  1. A: 73 x 7 ( still feeling weak since the flu )
    B: 8:26 ( 25lb KB.. HOLY CRAP THOSE ARE HARD)…
    pretty sure not all my CTB’s were legit CTB’s. I’ll work on that.
    Along with wall balls.

  2. Press- 128 x 5
    Back Squat- 285 x 5
    B. 13:41 (KB for first 2.5 sets then switched to 95# barbell)
    and CTB were not unbroken, lots of singles (so sweaty I had no grip on the bar)

  3. Ran 2.5 miles, 100 situps
    A)75×5, 80×3, 90×1 (PR)
    Then front squat 95×5 and tabata mash up of KB swings and wall balls

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