13 thoughts on “Monday February 25”

  1. A. BS, 135×10
    B. WB’s by round: 16, 14, 14, 14, 14 (135# DL, 14# WB)
    C. Practiced GHD sit-ups

    Day 1 of cleaning up my diet. I’m doing paleo+limited dairy. My immediate goal is to eliminate the SUGAR.

  2. Had to GloboGym it again.

    A) 260 X 7 (Everything is heavier when the boss isn’t yelling at you)
    B) DL 235 + 30 air squats (didn’t have a clock or an area for wall balls)
    C) Some hanging leg raise things

  3. A) 150×20… except it was broken up 11 and then 9? i think… oopsies…

    B) 155#… don’t remember the WB’s but it was a small number

    C) 2 rds of: 70# sit up, 10 TTB, 20 GHD’s

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