15 thoughts on “Monday August 20”

  1. A. 85 Did that twice then tried 90 3 times. The last one at 90 was basically a power snatch, I was having issues.
    B. 195 x 3
    C. Didn’t look at the time but it was probably 9:30 or 9:40 something

  2. Block snatch, only up to 135×1 (recovering from comp yesterday)
    Block clean, up to 245×1
    Front squat – up to 255×5

  3. AM- Block Snatch- 165×1 (too many misses)
    Block Clean- 225×1

    PM – Back Squat- 315×5 (15# PR!!)
    WOD- 12:23 at Rx weight but only did 5 burpees on round 3 in order to start round 4 on time and only 8 lunges in round 4 bc I fell on my ass and just moved on to PP… So much harder than it looked on paper!!

  4. Sunday-
    18 holes of golf. Not a great round, lost 3 balls, but had some great shots.
    Home to do Tabata my new best friend.
    Ordered my GHD, pull up bars, and bands. Ready for Crossfit Cincinnati!!

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