12 thoughts on “Monday April 30”

  1. A. Bench 125×4
    B. muscle ups…first set of 3 linked!
    C. Rope climb
    10 ring dips
    Rope climb
    20 ring pushups
    Rope climb
    30 pushups
    Rope climb
    40 burpees

  2. A. Muscle up work. Still nothing. Maybe by London 2012 they will make “Missing Muscle Ups Consecutively Like a Little Pansy” an Olympic category because I’m 100% sure I would win the gold medal.

    B. 69 reps, all in sets of 10 or 15 each round. Did butterflies for a good portion for the first time too.

  3. A) 5,5,5 (shoulders no likey weighted PU’s today)
    B) 59 PU’s in 7 rds
    Got 18 in the first set, but then couldn’t get back in a groove and got 6-8 the remaining sets.

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