28 thoughts on “Monday April 16”

  1. It was a SICK morning with the PR Ninjas!! Great job AM crew!

    If you didn’t know..Kim is the Pistol Master of the Universe and Leigh is the TTB Master of the Universe and Clint has more power in his big toe than anyone at C3 (literally).

    AND Corynne came in suggesting that she doesn’t OHS, and just does the WOD. Lo and behold..she PR’d the hell out of it and crushed the WOD. This convo followed:

    Me: “Dude, Corynne, you are a beast today.”
    Corynne: “Yeah, I ate a lot chicken last night, I think that helped.”

    Oh Corynne…we love you.

  2. A) OHS PR @ 126# (BW 140lbs).
    My last PR was a November 2010 125# (BW 130lbs)
    Last OHS was August 2011 115# (BW 135lbs)

    B) 7:09 (first time pistoling! yes..I have ignored it for years)

  3. A) OHS PR at 104 (3x)… then 109 (2x)… then 115!!!!!… like I told Caitlin, I ate a lot of chicken yesterday.

    B) 6:48

  4. Snatch up to 215
    OHS 275×3 (3RM PR), 285×1, 300F
    4 rounds of 10 pistols (no oly shoes), 15 ttb + 30 du
    Giving the shoulder a couple more days rest

  5. A. 120 x 1 PR
    B. 7:32 (pistols with low cement step) – I am going to disown my left leg, it was absolutely terrible at the pistols!

  6. First linked muscle ups! I got about 4 sets of two, but couldn’t quite make 3 happen.
    1-7 ladder Chest to ring pullups and handstand pushups 12:21

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