“Before I started Crossfit, I was doing boot camp 3 days a week and running 15-25 miles a week and I thought I was in pretty good shape. After my first day at C3 I realized how wrong I was. I was unable to do almost everything Crossfit entails. I couldn’t do a pullup, ring dip, or handstand pushup. For squats, lunges, and presses, I was using a 14 pound bar during boot camp. I hadn’t even considered using a bar bell let alone adding weights to it. After 9 months at Classic City CrossFit I have lost 25 pounds and dropped 3 clothes sizes. I am now able to do 30 pullups in a row, 15 ring dips unbroken, and I just was able to string together my first handstand pushups. Although I have lost weight, I have gotten much stronger: my squat max has increased by over 30 pounds and my deadlift by 35 pounds. My mile time is also almost a minute faster since I began doing Crossfit. Even though I have become stronger, faster, and healthier since starting at C3, I still have a long way to go which continues to motivate me. The minute I accomplish one goal there is something else to improve on or something new to try. That is what I love most about CrossFit!”

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  1. You’re a badass Leigh! Congrats on all your success. It’s so fun to watch what you’re capable of. Keep it up!

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