A couple orders of business, my beloved clients and friends. We have just spent quite a bit of time and money repairing all that has been damaged or broken in the last year. We would like your help keeping the gym and its equipment in shape so it works well and looks good for as long as possible. Please do your part to help keep the gym clean, organized, and functional so we can all enjoy it and keep maintenance costs and time to a minimum. A few simple rules bear repeating so we can avoid unnecessary upkeep in the future.

1 – Put everything back in it’s place when you are done. Simple, but often overlooked. Plates need to be in neat stacks, whether the black rubber ones or the color oly plates, please keep them organized properly. Bands need to be put back no hooks, not left on the rig. Clips go back in the white bucket. Mobility tools (lacrosse balls/voodoo wraps/foam rollers/the “Stick”) go back on the shelves. Jump ropes need to be hung up. Kettlebells need to be put in the proper rows so they are organized, not just left on the ground in one huge pile. Shoes/wrist wraps/tape/personal items need to be put back in cubbies, and cubbies need to be kept clutter and stank free. We can’t have people leaving all kinds of junk in the cubbies, ie food, dirty shaker bottles, dirty clothes, etc. If it’s garbage, throw it out. If it stinks, take it home and wash it.

2 – Chalk hands over the big chalk trays. Chalk is hard to clean up, hence the gym looks much cleaner for much longer if we can keep the chalk spillage to a minimum. We chose the oversized trays to make this easy to manage.

3 – Boxes need to be stacked with other matching boxes. Rogue on Rogue, black safety boxes on top of other black ones, and the old-fashioned trapezoidal ones need to be inverted with their brethren. Please put them back where they came from, so that the ones we use most often are the most easily accessible. Never stack the trapezoidal ones like solo cups (see pic), they are hard to get separated.

4 – Do not tie a jump rope, ever. They are adjustable, and if you need help shortening or lengthening one, we will be glad to assist you. Also, if you are using one and the screw flies off, please tell us immediately so we can help find it. 99.9% chance we locate it in the first 5 minutes if we know when it happens and what direction you were facing.

5 – Do not tie bands around anything but a PU bar, ie the landmine stations.

6 – Please be more careful when walking or running by the bikes. If you run into the handle, it can bend the upright and/or strip the threads, which are irreplaceable/unfixable. The white bike was our newest one, and it has been out of commish the last several months because someone ran into it and damaged the frame.

7 – Take care of the bathroom as if it were your own. Replace the TP if you use the last bit, or just give us a heads up so we can re-stock it. Turn the lights off when you come out.

8 – Never drop a dumbbell or kettlebell. This can damage the floor and/or the bell. Bumpers are meant to be dropped from overhead, bells are not.

9 – Do not walk right in front of someone when they are in the middle of a lift. This is just common courtesy during olympic lifting. Wait 5 seconds until they are done, then pass.

10 – Please use the website as it was intended! We need you guys to post your results each day so that we can review the day’s performances that night and use that information to ensure our programming is as productive as possible. It takes 10 seconds, and we keep a laptop at the gym so that you can do it before you leave each day. It also provides a handy digital record of all of your lifts and workouts so that if/when you want to look back later on, everything is tagged and organized so that you can easily find the numbers you were looking for. This is the reason that CrossFit is what it is today. Without people posting and sharing their #s each day, there would be no CF as we know it – there would only be one CF gym out in Cali. The posting, record-tracking, the playful banter, the encouragement and sharing of ideas & info is what helped CF and its disciples to flourish.

11 – Use the frontdesk schedule. As the gym continues to grow, organization will continue to become more important for us to ensure smooth operation. We don’t want to have 30 people in one class and 5 in the next, that is why we have limits set on each one. Again, it takes one minute to sign up for the entire week if you do it on Sunday night. If something comes up and you need to change it later, text one of us and it’s no big deal. Additionally, we are using software to track and monitor attendance, and it doesn’t work if people don’t sign up.

As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

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