Georgia Strength Fantasy League 2012

Our first annual Georgia Strength NFL Fantasy League kicks off this weekend! Vegas odds on each team are as follows:

Anabolic Plague (A Hooper) 3:1
First Minute First Round (C McKenney) 6:1
Ben’s Favorite Flavor is Raplesberry (B Ericksen) 2:1
Come Sit On My Stafford (D Ooton) 7:1
I Make Gumby Look Stiff (J Green) 9:1
Show Me Your TDs (N Vandevoorde) 3:1
Jacob Needs a ladder for muscle ups (J Francis) 3:1
Angry Shark Laser Wolves (G Cuomo) 6:1
I Love Irish Creme (A Bailey) 7:1
Rubber Fland Man (C Flanders) 4:1

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