10 thoughts on “Friday June 8”

  1. Fail
    A) 195xfailx3. Under every time, couldn’t stand up. Weak
    B) as encouragement to snatch next time:
    15 mins, 30 on 30 off of basketball court baseline to baseline and Back x2 sprints (4 length suicide in 30 seconds)

  2. A) 2 mile run in Vico Equense
    B) 3 Rounds for time:
    3 HSPU
    6 Turkish Getups with Patio Chair
    9 Situps
    12 Pistols to box with 1 sec pause alt
    15 pushups
    18 air squats
    C) Hike Mt Vesuvius and run down with pack

  3. Press: 33#x5x5


    Squat to upright rows w/ 14kg kettlebell x10
    Flutter kicks x 30
    Row 100m

    For 3 rounds

  4. A) Struggled with 155, so dropped down to 135 for a few triples to work on form.
    B) 44/18= 272 total
    C) 16/13, but couldn’t get the monitor going for the first two sets, so not exactly sure about those numbers.

  5. A. From floor 175 PR, finally body weight
    8, 7, 6 … 1 power snatch (115, up to 135 at set of 4) + 1, 2, 3 … 8 sandbag getups (35#) – 11:02

  6. A) 115# off the block PR!
    B) a lot of DUs (not good with the big #s)
    C) not so many air dyne cals (9/9/10/7/9)
    D) completed

  7. A) 100 no PR, but the rep looked and felt great….much better than last week’s at the same weight.
    B) yes and yes. No clue what my numbers were. I think i had a high of 43ish DU’s and a low of 1. Hahha. I think AD was 12,9,9,9,10
    C) good WOD and great people today. Have a good weekend!

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