10 thoughts on “Friday July 13”

  1. 15:18 sub 3 ring dips (w/ sm purple band) & 3 CTB (mostly PUs) for 1 MU….so that means 27 rings dips & 27 pullups…21,15…..

    Here is what I learned this morning……

    I need to learn how to do a MU!!!!!

    That was a good one!
    Good Luck everyone!

  2. 14:43, first 6 snatch were at 135, but after missing it 4 times I dropped to 115. Somehow that still didn’t help much. I still had at least half a dozen more missed reps throughout the workout. Between this and Isabel I’ve found that apparently high rep snacthing is not my thing.

  3. split jerk up to 245, not pretty but Ill take a +20 pr
    Amanda: 8:32 rx, despite the shoulder burn, really enjoyed this one

  4. Went yesterday and started working on snatches without knowing today’s wod.

    Snatch- 180 (PR+15)
    MU work- (swinging on some rings) closer but still not able to get one
    500m row sprints w 1min rest between- 1:36, 1:50, 1:59

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