Friday July 12

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14 thoughts on “Friday July 12”

  1. B. up to 200 saved some for “Viking wod”
    C. “Viking WOD”

    Buddy carry 400 meters
    Dead lift hold @225 while buddy Muscle ups(Tyler 10 spud 3)
    Pull up hold while buddy burpees (50 total)
    Squat hold while buddy GHSU (120 total)
    HSPU hold while buddy double unders (300 total)
    Buddy carry 400 meters

    Tyler and Spud 51:09

  2. Yesterday:
    A) snatch practice
    B) didn’t know I was supposed to FS, so I OHS 115×5
    C) Partner wod with Ali:
    50,40,30,20,10 abmat sit-ups while partner holds plank
    Followed immediately by:
    Each person rows 500/400/300/200/100
    With partner box jumps in between 25/25 20/20 15/15 10/10 5/5
    Total time 28:ish

  3. I did Grace. She was evil as expected
    55lbs 5:09

    up 20 lbs from the last time she and I played and shorter time (5:42 on1/29/13) woohooooo.

  4. A. EMOM starting at 135 ending at 175
    B. 225×5
    C. Partner WOD with Ben
    —total of 50 dumbbell snatch at 70 lbs while partner holds handstand
    —then total of 100 airdyne cals while partner holds plank
    —finished in 10 min.

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