15 thoughts on “Friday February 22”

  1. A. BS 10RM, 130
    B. Tabata Squats: 14 (18 was highest)
    C. 4 min Row for Cals: 40
    D. 3 min burpees: 21
    E. 2 min pullups: 22 (blue+tiny purple bands)
    F. 1 push press 75#: 15

      1. Counting may not be my strong suit, but my prowess at comprehending directions is unmatched. Total was supposed to be C-F, not B-F. Tabata score not included.

        Better luck next time, padawan.

  2. A. Squatted yesterday….skipped
    B. 47 total, low 11
    C. Didn’t look…around 45
    D. Skipped….shoulder hurt
    E. 21
    F. = “F” my shoulder!

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