15 thoughts on “Friday February 17”

  1. A. good rep, bad rep, great, terrible.. ended on a solid one at 125
    B. bodyweight sets x 3
    C. 5 rounds (15 DU per)
    need to put some practice in at all of todays stuff

  2. A) 75, not even close to PR, shoulders not working…
    B) 7.5lbs, again off PR, refer to A…
    C) 7 rounds (sub 15 Airdyne cals for DUs d/t shin splints)

  3. A) 85 Snatch felt great today. Had 90, but couldn’t get under it fast enough
    B) 12.5 x 3
    C) 5 plus 1/2 run…I couldn’t do a DU to save my life!

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