7 thoughts on “Friday August 31”

  1. A. 110 x 5
    B. Every mu was a fail… I owe 10 min of air dyne…. yikes!!!
    C. 119 total
    D. ughh.. long time? Machine thingy took a while to set right

  2. AM: 3 power clean on the min for 10 min – 4 min at 185, 6 at 205
    4×10 weighted hip extension (25#)
    PM: N bench wave loads (135×5, 165×5, 195×5) x3
    3 MU on the min for 10 min – first 2 min w 10# vest, last 8 min bodyweight

  3. AM
    A. 3 touch and go Power Cleans on the minute for 10 minutes
    105# ish?
    B. Then heavy singles OTM after that
    144# (new PR from the ground)

    A. Bench: 93×5
    B. 2 successful muscle ups during WOD, all the other successful turnovers but not ring dip out
    C. I don’t even know, but kudos to Brent for telling me there were 2.2 Km in a mile rather than the 1.69 everyone else was doing.

  4. A) 60×5, 65×2 (PR!)
    B) Did all the pull throughs for the 10 mins (3 each min)
    C) ~70 reps total
    D) No clue but it was bad enough to make me puke. Crossfit beginner checkpoint #1, complete.

    Have a good long weekend everyone! 🙂

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