11 thoughts on “Friday August 29”

        1. I’m smart enough not to bet on my squaring abilites. Got to play to your strengths. The whole key to betting is put the odds in your favor

  1. A) Up to 165, the double pause is tough.
    B) 150×5; 170×3; 190×5; 215×1; 225×1
    C) 50lbs, full squat snatch
    0:59 for 40 cals, both Jack and Kelsie owe me a drink.

  2. A. 80# these felt great today!
    B. 150×3 little heavy, 30″ box jumps (yes that’s right Brent. See it to believe it next week!)
    C. 40# and 1:20 something for 30 cals

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