9 thoughts on “Friday August 19”

  1. A) up to 85#
    B1) 115#, 18″ box
    B2) 6-7 reps each rnd, blue/green bands
    B3) only one round TTR, 8 reps
    C) 3 RFT: 12 burpees (w/ 18″ box jumps first round), 18 ab mat sit ups, 24 wall balls @12# (switched to just squats with ball 2nd round); 16:11

  2. A) PR match at 195 And a few misses at 205
    3×5 muscle snatch from blocks (95#)
    Snatch pulls and panda pulls from blocks

  3. A. 50-65#
    B1. 115#, 24″BJ
    B2. 7/rd w/ half of blue band
    B3. 5/rd (messy!) TTBs
    C. 27:08
    -20″BJ; lateral BJ burpee 1st 2 rds, BJs burpees 2nd 2 rds, box step-ups + burpees last rd.
    -15GHSU /rd

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