5 thoughts on “Friday August 10”

  1. First vacation WOD for the week, but we’ve been active hiking, rafting, and biking do I don’t feel too bad. Also, turns out altitude is a real bitch. It’s hard to feel athletic in Park City.

    For time:
    75 DB squat clean + thruster, but at the top of every mintue stop to do 5 burpees.
    I used 30s and Becky used 20s. Got 13:18 and 13:24, respectively.

  2. AM: Snatch balance up to 220
    Snatch up to 170
    max weighted toes to bar every minute for 10 minutes
    also paid off my 40 burpees I owed

    PM: 10,9,8,7,6…..
    Box jumps
    20 DU each round

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