Friday April 27

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27 thoughts on “Friday April 27”

    1. Yeah…and then I say… “yo Adrian….you just have to do 3/4 murph”…and then I get, at round 10, “nope, I’m doing the whole thing”.
      Nice work Adrian

  1. Modified “vacation” Murph

    No pullup bar so here is what I did…..
    2 miles on bike
    200 air squats
    200 push ups
    (20 rounds of 10 each)
    Followed by 2 miles on the bike

    Congrats to our C3 team! Go team!!!

  2. Everybody did awesome this week. I love how
    Much enthusiasm everyone came in with and put into the workout. We are quickly becoming an elite Crossfit gym thanks to all your hard work….and due in no small part to Brent being awesome at what he does.
    I wanna give a special shutout to Brittlan….every rep was perfect. All
    Pullups unbroken with chin over the bar…every pushup was chest to deck with full extension at the top and every squat was 90 degrees plus! Great job!

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