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1337 W Hancock Ave
Athens GA 30606

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  1. I will be moving to Athens next month but am in town this weekend. Am I allowed to come for a free “test” day tomorrow? I have been working out with a CrossFit gym in Palm Beach Gardens for about the past 3 weeks. I love it and want to continue it up here once I move.


  2. Hey Brent,

    I’m a former college athlete with a very thorough background in Olympic style lifting and I’ve been looking to get back into that style of workout for a few months now. A few of my friends have been getting their Level 1 Certification, so I’m interested in hopping on the bandwagon to see how the Athens Crossfit functions.

    I was also curious as to how the classes are split-up/conducted and when/if I could come down and check it out.

    I’m looking forward to hearing back from you.


  3. Hey! I will be heading to Athens in two weeks for the Tennessee game. I would love to stop by and wod with you guys on Friday. What are your drop in fees and what is the best time? I was thinking 4 or 5.

  4. Brent,
    Will be in town visiting my son this weekend and going to the game! Do you have a WOD on Sat morning that I can drop in for? What time?

    I love coming to your place. I always learn something. I secretly look at your website every day as i love your programing. Can’t tell my NY box that I have a thing for you GA folks….

    Look forward to seeing you.

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