To say CrossFit has changed my life would be an understatement. I can’t really ever seem to find enough words to express how much I love it or what it has done for me over the course of the last year. Since stepping foot into Classic City CrossFit, my mentality, self-confidence, nutrition, and strength/endurance have improved drastically.

When I first came to C3 a little over a year and a half ago, there were a lot of things I couldn’t do. Pullups, pushups, Olympic lifting, and rope climbs were just some of the movements I struggled with. Before CrossFit, I had never touched a barbell, much like many CF newbies. Growing up I had done some competitive gymnastics, cheerleading, soccer, and rode horses, so I was always “in shape” for what I was doing, but everything CrossFit entailed I had either A) never done before or B) not done since my gymnastics days (i.e. bodyweight movements and handstand related activities). But it was love at first box jump for me and I was completely hooked from then on out.

At C3, everything about me has changed. Physically, I look completely different than I did than before I started. I have put on lean muscle all around (but definitely not bulky), toned up, and my body image has been morphed into something positive and confident. I used to be so obsessed with being super skinny with no muscle and looking like some airbrushed model on a magazine cover. Gone are those days, and thank goodness. For the first time in a LONG time I actually love my body. I appreciate what my body now allows me to do in CrossFit, and I look forward to new challenges rather than avoid them. I have self-confidence that I haven’t had in years. I call it ‘CrossFit Confidence’—and I own it. I’ve stayed about the same weight but my body composition has completely changed, my flexibility and mobility have gotten closer to that of my young gymnastics days, and my strength has increased exponentially. For example, when I started I couldn’t do a real push up, let alone a dip on the gymnastic rings or a handstand push up, I couldn’t do an unassisted pull up or climb the rope, and Olympic lifting was Greek to me. Now, I can clean and jerk my bodyweight (130#), powerclean more than my body weight (144#), snatch 100 pounds, do muscle ups on the rings, legless rope climbs, full-depth one-legged squats, butterfly pullups (20 reps), weighted strict pullups (20 lbs), and handstand pushups, just to name a few. My strength numbers continuously go up week after week. All of this success hasn’t come without a few setbacks though.

I broke my left leg in two places while sledding over Christmas break of 2010 and was set to rehab after surgery for almost 6 months. Once I got back to Athens, I came into C3 and did “real” rehab by continuing to train my upper body while my leg was healing. Brent challenged me with one-legged sprints, one-legged burpees, pullups, and a variety of movements that kept my training challenging and fun while fighting through a frustrating recovery period. That’s the most amazing thing about CrossFit- there is ALWAYS something you can do no matter your circumstance. They will show you how to work around injuries, fix muscle imbalances, and correct flexibility issues. After my leg healed, my hip was giving me trouble (understandably), so we focused on my mobility and flexibility and re-building the strength that I had lost while injured. He never pushed me past what he knew it could handle, and he brought me back to full capability and then some!

I’m sure I could write an entire novel about what Classic City CrossFit has done for me, but the bottom line is, I am a better person inside and out since I’ve started working out here. CrossFit prepares you for life. Part of my summer job in a barn the past couple months required heavy lifting, pushing, climbing, and throwing all kinds of things, from feed bags to wheelbarrows to heavy boxes of medication for the horses. I guarantee you I would not have been able to do HALF the stuff I was able to do at work this summer had C3 not made me the strong girl I am today. Anyone who talks CrossFit with me for 5 minutes can see how passionate I am about it. The box has become my second family, the people I’ve become closest with, and the people who have come to support and push me to new heights every single day. C3 embodies everything the ideal CrossFit community is, and I am honored to be a part of such an amazing group of people!

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