Beth Jackson

“I was reluctant to begin CrossFit, to say the least, though my husband began with gusto when we moved to Athens. He was quickly making huge gains in strength and improving his body weight skills.  When I expressed that I wished we could spend more time together and that I felt like he was always at the gym, he gently began encouraging me to try CrossFit with him. It took a while, but I finally caved and took the intro class. The first two weeks were tough. I had to scale every movement and thought I would never get better. I really struggled with uncertainty. It was daily that I asked myself if I could actually do the workouts. With Brent’s scaling of the workouts, my confidence began to grow and everyday I was able to finish. Every workout I completed made me more willing to push a little further. I appreciate that CrossFit provides a place to challenge myself and fight the cloud of doubt that so easily overtook me in those early workouts.  I cannot count the number of times I thought,  mid-workout “I don’t think I can finish this…”  But every time, I found myself finishing the workout and really enjoyed the sense of accomplishment from telling myself “I guess I CAN do it.” Far removed from my initial fear and doubt, I’ve learned to accept the challenges and I now enjoy tackling difficult workouts.  I’ve seen this confidence positively impact both my professional and personal life.

Over time and with the continued encouragement of my friends at the gym, I slowly got better.  The change was most apparent in the strength categories, and I enjoyed getting stronger (deadlift went from 100 to 250, front squat up to 140, back squat 190).  As Brent worked on my form, my lifting numbers kept creeping up. Soon I was scaling things less and less.  I spent three years working out at Classic City Crossfit and we were both sad that our move meant leaving the gym we know and love.

I set three goals in the infancy of my Crossfit days that at the time seemed unobtainable. From my days as a softball pitcher, I have always been a big girl and doing any bodyweight/gymnastics movements was a daunting task. I wanted to be able to do pull ups. I wanted to be able to climb the rope, at least a little. I wanted to clean 125 lbs. For hardcore Crossfitters, these might seem like humble goals, but from where I started, these were arduous ambitions.  I struggled with thick, green-bands on my pullups for months.  I did more of the scaled “rope-pull-to-standing-on-a-box” things than I care to remember.  But, with the help of Georgia Strength/Classic City Crossfit, some diet changes and a close relationship with a Concept2 rower in my living room, I’ve managed to reach all of those goals. I’ve lost over 20 lbs, I’ve lost over 8 inches off my waist and thighs, I can do multiple pull-ups in a set with NO band, I’ve exceeded my clean goal (130 lbs!), I can now climb the rope, and I can crank out sets of 30+ double-unders consistently.

I am sad to leave Georgia Strength behind, but I feel prepared to walk into a new gym with the strength, the technique, and most importantly, the confidence to succeed.”

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  1. Beth-you are a rock star! Thank you for always bringing a smiling face to the gym. You are and will be missed more than you know!

  2. Loved reading your testimony!! It’s really important for newbies to see inspiring messages like this & for those of us who have been doing it a while to remember why we started in the first place. Thank you for being such a motivational factor in class & for taking the time to share your personal story. Miss you guys! Best of luck at your new box. I hope you love it just as much (well maybe slightly less ;)).


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