2015 Goals, reflection

Now that we’ve had some time to get back in the swing of things, please take a few minutes to post a few goals for the coming year.  Strength goals, along with one or more for gymnastics/body weight movements (ie get your first MU, or first HSPU, etc), benchmark (get Fran under 4:00, break 300 on FGB, etc), and lifestyle (eat better consistently, spend 10 min per night on mobility issues, etc).

Please also include some of your improvements from the past year that you are proud of, looking back to some of our numbers from early 2014 for reminders if need be.

Don’t be shy, share how far you’ve come, and be ambitious setting goals for what you want to accomplish this year!  Remember to be S.M.A.R.T. setting them – Specific. Measurable. Attainable. Realistic. Timely.

4 thoughts on “2015 Goals, reflection”

  1. Goals for 2015

    Snatch from 275 to 300
    Clean & jerk 350
    Back squat up from 455 to 500
    Stick to shoulder rehab and increased mobility work
    **Qualify for Worlds 2015 (Masters Weightlifting Championships)

    Winner of Worlds in my age/weight class snatched 130 kg (286 lbs) and C&J 163 kg (358 lbs)

  2. When I started I could barely squat 245 for a single, and I hit a 165 snatch and a 195 C&J early on too. Shocking how far I’ve come in 14 months.

    Goals for 2015

    Lifting –
    Snatch 225 (current 205)
    C&J 275 (current 250 clean, 275 jerk)
    Back squat 325 (current 280)
    Front Squat 275 (current 240)
    Press 185 (current 165)
    Jerk 300 (current 275)

    Gymnastics –
    static handstand hold for 20secs
    handstand walk 100ft
    5 muscle ups in a row
    learn butterfly pullups and execute 21 in a row
    L-SIT hold for 5 sec

    Benchmark –
    Fran under 4 mins
    Cindy 20 rounds
    FGB 310 reps
    Grace under 2:30
    Isabel under 3:00

    generally speaking, run more and GET LEANER!!!

  3. Over the course of 2014, I’ve made some gains in my snatch and c&j, and push press. Also pretty happy I can do hspu now. My squats have stayed the same, no gains there.

    2015 goals
    300 lb back squat ( current 265)
    200 lb front squat ( current 185)
    150 snatch ( current 135)
    180 c&j together (current 160 together; 170 clean, 180 jerk separately)
    100 lb press ( current 93)
    Get better at strict pu and ctb
    Get strict hspu
    GET 1 MU!!!! For the love…
    As far as benchmarks, just want to beat my best score each time

  4. 1. Snatch a good 100# not the ugly ones I have been doing
    2. Work on hitting the power position in my clean consistently
    3. Stringing 6-10 TTB together
    4. Get 1 strict pull up
    5. Focus on Overhead mobility
    6. Get first HSPU
    7. Speed underneath the bar with split jerks and locking out my arms, also increase weight to 135 currently at 120 (max, only did 2x)
    8. 225# front squat, current 195
    9. 250# back squat, current 210

    Progress since June when I started at GS
    Clean went from 125 to 160
    Better grip strength = more PU and TTB in a row; from 1 to 4-5
    Went from swinging a 35# KB to an 88#
    Push press up to 110 from 90
    I learned to string double under together

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